Monday, October 22, 2012


Welcome to America, land of the free, 
a place where we can be all they say we want to be, 
however there's an underworld, that most simply can't perceive
it's the tragic downside to America's greatness, our inadequacy...
You see while most of the country lives on faith, and struggles to get by, 
there's an undercurrent of consumerism that conquers and divides...
there's a place they tell you not to go, if it's for your own good....
stay sheltered in suburbia, don't go to the hood....
It's a place where life comes too raw and too real, 
also a place where many of our brother n sisters get killed, 
you see it's starts with the babies, so pure and so sweet
who's mind are conditioned to accept defeat 
their families do their best, to make them feel loved
their own feelings of inadequacy doesn't help change too much
everyday they go to school, and strive for the best, 
but as they get older, they notice they aren't like the rest, 
their clothes aren't new, and their shoes aren't either
so the other kids make it their point to consistenly tease them...
"oh but, they're just kids! This is what happens in school"
but it's the pains of these days that give the inadequacy the fuel,
you see, society is cruel and no one protects you
when you live under the poverty line,no one respects you
so they form thoughts in their heads to never go back, 
to the days of eviction notices, and the house being black...
they go get a job, an much doesn't change
cause you can't sustain a household from minimum wage
they years go by, and these kids are now older,
the girls are now stripping and the boys are street soldiers,
but see these characters are only there to be, 
the physical manifestations of their inadequacy...
you see a job didn't cut it, they had to go grind
I made $1000 in a day, look at em shine!!
their lifestyle changes, seemingly for the better,
traveling to Cali just to enjoy the weather, 
their diamonds shine bright and their homes are exquisite 
all coming from selling rocks, or on the pole strippin
Then the men become rappers, trying to get out that life, 
but everything they say, just adds more to the hype
They say you're a lame if you not riding on 6's
call you a bum because you don't have enough riches
No one cares about your struggles, cause your necklace ain't gleaming
so these inadequate boys n girls are molded to keep sceaming
and trickin, and robbin, and killin each other
and the deeper they go they feel no love for another
it wasn't a life they planned, but it's easy to see, 
how their need for love and respect came from inadequacy 
their hearts become cold and they no longer can relate
to the times when they went without, and barely even ate
The ladies in the strips club get noteriety and fame
for showing that ass an niggas makin it rain
They're always where the party is, when it's money on the flo'
but constantly on the defense on being labeled a hoe,
or fighting the girls, hating in the bar
gettin off and it's crazy men following your car, 
it's not all glitz an glammer, not quite as it seems
cause at any moment, everything can fall apart at the seams
I'm not one to judge, if this is life you chose, 
just know that in the underworld, niggas can change the rules
his best friend shot em, she got kidnapped after work
never did you think that these diamonds would hurt
it wasn't a life they planned, but it's easy to see, 
how their need for love and attention came from inadequacy 
so their hearts become cold and they no longer can relate
to the times when they went without, and barely even ate
So now you have a cycle, doomed to repeat
of the ppl who were onced talked down to, being the one to tease
and ppl don't understand why we all think this way
because this is life we deal with, waking up every day
there's a girl in college right now, working hard for a degree
but to society she's a lame cause she's not out "gettin money"
there's a boy right now, working a 9 to 5 
that's being called a bitch, cause he "ain't bout that life"
then when these ppl change their minds, and their heart goes dark
we have no one to blame, because WE'RE how it starts
there's a couple kids in school, coming home crying 
because they're family member is somewhere in the streets dying...
maybe they're on drugs, shooting up that dope
maybe they're too stressed out from life that they just can't cope
so they look up to society, and the folks in the hood
because they've gave up on hope, and trying to do good
"fuck living right, it's easier to do wrong!
I don't know why I even went to school all along!"
so here's a few more ppl, added to the despair, 
hiding behind money, cars, and fake hair
their hearts become cold and they no longer can relate
to the times when they went without, and barely even ate
so my task for you all is to sit back and think
that everything you do, someone sees
and the person you might be now, may not really be
who you really are, it may be inadequacy...
your feelings of deprivation have been so strong, 
that you've forgot where you came from all along, 
and ask you all, in preparation for tomorrow 
to ask God to release you from your tears and your sorrows...
Stop judging everyone, and spread more love
maybe you could've been that lawyer you originally dreamed of
and if you're broke, you should never be ashamed
because at the end of the day, it's all a game,
the game of life, and we're just small pieces
wake up every mornng and try and live your life decent...
love thy fellow neighbors, keeps the judgements at bay
because somebody's worth depends on the words you say
they're are ppl out here at home and crying 
because they don't have bands, 
don't have a nice bracelet that cost a few grand, 
they're children of God, and their spirit is more 
than any material item you can buy at a store
let's go back to the days, when ppl where humble
where you didn't get laughed at over life's simple fumbles
let's go back to the days, when our word was bond
and power wasn't determined by your stock and bonds
And to those that look down on the many have-nots
Remember you used to be that poor kid on the block 
it wasn't a life you planned, but it's easy to see, 
how your desperate need for love and respect came from inadequacy

Monday, April 16, 2012

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